A Guide To Fixing ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’ Code Error In Windows Computer

When you try to install an app in your computer, it doesn’t get successfully installed, and often a new window pops up the on the screen with a message reading ‘this app has been blocked for your protection.’ This is a coding error issue often faced by a user mainly because the administration blocks the use of running any new app on the PC. The error issue comes up when you try to executive client or when an application is downloaded from an unknown source, due to this feature; your PC is also protected from viruses or malicious files that can be harmful to your computer. 

Given below are some methods you can follow to prevent this error coding problem in your Windows Computer. 

Method 1: Enable The Administrator Account From Cmd Or Command Prompt

1.    Open the ‘WinX’ Menu on your computer. 

2.    Click theCMD or Command Prompt option available from there.

Administrator Account From Cmd
Command Prompt

3.    Type ‘net user administrator/active: yes’ command in there. 

4.    Press enter. 

5.    A window will pop up with a message that says ‘The Command Completed Successfully.’

6.   Close the CMD window. 

7.    Then, restart your computer. 

8.    After your PC is turned back on again, log in to the Administrator Account which will be there on your computer screen. These will turn off the Smart Screen protection for O.S. or Operating System. 

9.    You won’t be facing any installing issue hence after. 

10.    After completion of the steps given above, Log out from the Administrator Account. 

11.    You can now use any account for installing the application, and the error coding issue won’t be there. 

Method 2: Enable The Built-In Administrator Account On Cmd Or Command Prompt

1.    In case if you haven’t then, enable the built-in elevated Administrator account in your Windows Computer. 

2.    Log off and Switch the user from the account you were using and sign in to the built-in elevated Administrator account

3.    Now, you can install and run the blocked application, and the error coding issue won’t be faced by you anymore. 

4.    You can sign out from the built-in elevated Administrator account and sign in to the previous account that you were using. And, if needed you can disable the built-in elevated Administrator account. 

Method 3: Try Typing The Following Command In Cmd Or Command Prompt

1.    Open the file where your .exe file whining is causing the error is located. 

2.    Select the D: drive on your computer. 

3.    Select the setup folder but do not open it. 

4.    Press the Shift Key and along with it right-click on the ‘Setup’ folder. 

5.    A new Command Window will open in the context menu. 

6.    Select it. 

7.    A command prompt or CMD will open up at the location of ‘D:\Setup’. 

8.    Type out the.exe file name over there. 

9.    Press Enter after it. 

10.    After completing all the steps given above, close the window. 

11.    This will resolve the problem of this coding error

Method 4: By First, Disabling And Then Again Re-Enabling The Windows Smartscreen From The CMD Or Command Prompt

1.    Click on the start menu. 

2.    Select the Control Panel option. 

3.    Click on the ‘System and Security’ settings option. 

4.    A new window will open in front of the computer screen. 

5.    Select and click on the ‘Action Center’ option available there. 

6.    Select the ‘Windows Smart Screen’ option shown in the window. 

7.    Select the ‘Disable’ button. 

8.    After it is disabled, Press the ‘Enable’ button present in the Windows Smart Screen feature. 

9.    After the completion of all the steps given above, close all the tabs. And, your problem will be resolved. 

If you follow any one of the above-mentioned methods, the error coding issue of ‘This app has been blocked for your protection’ will be solved and your computer will be fixed from this problem, and hence after, you could easily run or/and install any application from any source on your Windows Computer.