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Techysplash is targeted at an audience that is interested in information related to the following
 Digital technology
 Gadgets
 Software
 Mobile Apps
 Gaming
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 News
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Advertising & Collaborative Opportunities

We follow an unbiased and fair approach when promoting any product or service. This is
important to us to maintain transparency with our audience.
We are glad to be in partnership with you if you develop high-quality solutions that align with
our target audiences’ interests. We are committed to taking essential steps to deliver top-notch
service to inspire our partners to avail of our platform and services on a continual basis.

Sponsored Content

The terms related to sponsored content on our website are as follows:
 The content is developed by our own accomplished and talented content writers. We
promote all our content on our social networks that include all the leading platforms.
 The views expressed in our content are unbiased and a reflection of our writers’
 We will regularly publish your content on our social networks on a periodic basis.
 All the rich content, including images and essential add-ons, in your piece of content will
be provided by us.
 We hold the right to use our affiliate links in any content posted on our website.
 No Follow links are usually directed to your platform.
 When it comes to product reviews, we suggest providing us with a product sample to be
able to provide a more thorough and real-world opinion.

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