All You Need To Know As How To Deal With Error Code 495 Play Store

Are you wondering how to fixed and also solve the error Code 495 Play Store of Android Smartphone Devices issue from the Play Store Application available on the android phone? It often so happens that you may be trying to download new or update existing applications and it shows that an error has occurred and therefore, we tell you some rather handy tips and tricks that will help you get rid of this problem.

The application may show you this error message when you are trying to work on the app using WiFi and is among the most common problems of any Android device that bothers users around the world. This article will attempt to help you for the next time this error message appears and causes your device to either freeze or crash. This error will also prevent you from using the application to download new applications on the Android device.

Reasons For Play Store Showing The Error Code Message

  • Error in the Play Store Applications
  • Issue within your Android Smartphone
  • During the course of downloading IMO

In the case that you are struggling with these issues on the Goggle Play Store app on your Android Smartphone, it will do you good to try and follow some of these simple methods to fixed and permanently solve the error in Google Play issue.

  • You will first have to clean the Service Framework from your device memory. In order to do that you will first have to go to Settings and click on the option that says installed the Apps or just Apps. After you do this, you will be required to search for the option Service Framework and then select clear the Cache button. Once you are done with that close the window and you will be done.
  • Proceed to Reset Applications preference of your android phone on Play Store by going to Settings and clicking on Apps or the Installed Apps option after which you will be required to select the more buttons within this dialogue box. Once you do that, go on to select the Reset Applications preference option and then click on the Reset Apps option and close that window. The processing resetting is finished as it will do so for all Disabled app and app notifications. In addition it will also disable the default applications, data restriction or even permission restriction and serve to permanently fix this error code problem.
  • Another way to solve this problem would be to delete the Google account and proceed to configure it again using your Android phone. You will first need to go to Settings and click on the Accounts button and go on to select the Google Account you are using and remove the account. Once that is done, you may proceed to configure the Account again and then close the window that you are working on and the error message should no longer appear.

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The purpose of this article is to try and come up with sincere ways to help you fix this rather irritating problem that you solve from time to time. It will do you good to check out the blogging website to know more about tricks on handling technology. The cyberspace indeed comes to a great help even to the novice as well as to the experts in resolving this kind of issue.

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