Easy Methods to Get iMessage App for your Device

iMessage is counted amongst the traditional text SMS, MMS, and chatting apps. It offers some remarkable features that make each individual use iMessage not only on their Windows PC, additionally on your laptops. Before going further, we want you to get an idea of iMessage to know things clearly. So, let’s start with what’s an iMessage? It’s basically a built-in instant messaging service provided by Apple that permits users to send different messages, whether it’s text, picture, or any other by using your mobile data plan or even with Wi-Fi. Instead of being such a popular messaging platform, there’s no official iMessage application available for an Android device or even for Windows PC. Thus, you can’t use this application directly on your devices. This is an Apple product, and you are aware of the fact that Apple prefers keeping its products only limited to Apple users. Here, you will find out best ways to get iMessage on PC with Jailbreak.

Method 1: Connect & Use by the Cydia

Steps To Be Followed…
·         First, open Cydia &simply start by typing Remote Messages
Note: Don’t forget to select the version that suits perfectly with your updated software version.
·         Now install it 
·         As soon as the process of installation finishes, open Remote Messages from Setting
·         Now, tap to On It option that’s available under Use Authentication section
·         Create valid login credentials (username and password)
Note: While performing these tasks, make sure your devices, whether it’s your Windows PC or iOS, both are connected to the same Wi-Fi
·         Now open your browser, and then enter your IP address followed by colon and server port number as indicated below the IP address in RMS (Remote Message Settings)
For example:If your IP address is andif your server port is 333, then you should have to type the in your browser
·         As soon as you are done with this step, you will find your Setup is complete
·         Now, it’s time to place your device into Sleep Mode in order to respond back to the messages that you will be receiving from your browser
·         Close all unwanted tabs and that’s it
By using Cydia, you will come across the finest method “How to get iMessage on your PC without Jailbreak.

Method 2: Get iMessage on your MAC PC

Steps To Be Followed…
·         First thing is to make sure whether the app. is on your PC or not. If not, the download the latest OS on your MAC device to continue the process.
·         In order to download the latest version OS for your MAC, it’s advised to visit the MAC app. store
·         Install the messages app. after successfully downloading it from the MAC app. store
·         Now open and sign in with your Apple’s login credentials
·         As soon as Messages app. is setup carefully, now it’s time run the same
·         You are done with your end. Close all unwanted tabs and get ready to use the application
This method will help you to get iMessage for your MAC. However, in case you are still having any issue to get iMessage app, then feel free to write us any time. We are always ready to help you get rid of your issues.  

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