Fix Problem of Automatic Computer Restarts

Often you will ask yourself how to stop unexpected error to restart computer.  The system restarts automatically after opening. Maybe your computer has technical issues like defective processor, poor signal to activate CPU or more complicated problem.  

Track Possible Reasons of Computer Restarts 

Windows updates must be made to reset the problem. Computer must not be left without being modified or upgraded. Customers’ blogs highlight this computer restarting problem to warn others. Hardware corruption, over-heating and RAM break-down may not be causes of frequent computer restarting episodes.  However perhaps, BIOS is in poor condition. Virus attacks can damage the internal hard disk and processor to make the computer restart abruptly. According to experts, customers need to open the Event Log to see anything cumbersome to happen.  Going to start menu, one should type EVENTVWR.EXE in the search box to cross check event viewer section.  List of answers must be reviewed to see whether it is easy for you to stop computer restarting.

Hardware Related Problem to Manage

Failure in hardware or any issue regarding internal operating system, perhaps, your computer goes wrong with frequent automatic restarts.  Check RAM, power supply and external devices including RAM. Replace the damaged chips to reinforce the hardware.
Computer rebooting or restarting without any update/notification often takes place due to the loop in system rebooting. In this case, go to the Safe Mode or choose “Advanced boot “interface to do the automatic system repairing. Especially, on windows 7, it is good for a person to hit Safe Mode option to prevent the issue of abrupt tech fault in computer rebooting.

Driver Resetting to Stop Error

Often, it is also found that due to the deactivation of any software or driver, the blue screen displays. On 8.1 windows, the blue screen is showcased to force the computer to go down abruptly.  The solution is that use Winx Menu and then follow these steps below 
·        Advanced system settings -Advanced tab – Startup plus Recovery > Settings
Press the button of “system restart un-checks” and proceed to tab ok button. Certainly, your window8.1 version device will not be restarted owing to such technical snarl in driver resetting.

Finally, complete device scanning to ensure the proper protection of the system from the malware must be productive. After deep scanning, many virus and spammed documents will be tracked for removal.  Maybe, your system faces the awkward restarts automatically. Read reviews and current updates as well to solve the problem of computer restarts at short intervals. 

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