Fix WoW Error 132 Fatal Exception Code Issue Easily

Are You Facing WoW Error 132 Fatal Exception Windows (World Of Warcraft) PC problem on your PC? This is a very annoying and frustrating issue. This error is mostly faced playing “World Of Warcraft” by gaming users. It can also appear while working on your computer.

This error mostly appears when it is unable to send the files to the remote host. As a result, the PC is unable to find where the temporary files are located. This error can cause due to system PC freeze and crashes and possible virus infection.

Causes Of WOW Error 132 Fatal Exception Code Issue

  • 0x85100084
  • Access violation
  • Fatal exception fix
  • Windows PC error issue
  • Memory is unable to read
  • Wow fatal error

So, go through the whole article carefully to solve this WoW Error 132 Fatal Exception error permanently.

  1. Reinstalling The Adobe PageMaker

Sometimes a quick re-installation process can quickly fix this issue. Read how to reinstall the Adobe PageMaker below.

  • First, go to the start menu
  • Search for Control Panel in Search Box

  • Now, open it
  • Then, click on the Apps icon there
  • Or, look for the Programs and Features option there
  • Right-click on Adobe PageMaker software
  • Now, select uninstall to remove it from your PC
  • After uninstalling restart your PC for once
  • After that, download it again using the setup file
  • Install it on your PC
  • There you go, it’s done.

This will resolve the WoW Error 123 Fatal Exception error from your PC

  1. Delete The Temporary Files

Follow the steps to delete temporary files from your computer. This will help you to resolve this issue.

  • First, Go to the start menu
  • Then, Open “My Computer” There
  • Now, right-click on the driver where the game is installed
  • Select the properties option
  • Click on the option named Tools
  • And Click on “Check Now” to check and it is containing
  • After the completion, close all the tabs
  • And that’s it, done.

Deleting the temporary files can help you fix the 132 WoW code problems.

  1. Disable or Turn Off Your Windows Firewall Settings –

Follow the steps below to disable or turn off the windows firewall settings.

  • First, go to the start menu
  • Then, go to the Control Panel
  • Click on the Windows Firewall option there

  • Then, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or Off feature
  • Select turn off windows firewall there
  • Now, click on the Ok button
  • That’s it, done

Turning on the firewall in not a recommended process but you can give it a try if none of the above steps work.

  1. Run a Full PC Scan Using Windows Defender –
  • First, go to the start menu
  • Search for “Microsoft Security Essentials” there
  • Now, click on it and open it
  • Check the “Full” option there and then click “Scan Now.”
  • After the scanning, close the tab
  • It’s done

By running a full PC scan, you get rid of all the error from your PC completely.

  1. Run a chkdsk/f Command for Checking Hard Disk Error –
  • Go to start menu
  • Search for CMD

  • A pop up will open
  • Type “chkdsk” command there in the CMD
  • Now, Press Enter To start it
  • It’s Done

Running a chkdsk command in the command prompt will quickly fix and physical damage to your hard disk.

  1. Update Your Windows Driver –
  • First, go to the start menu
  • Search or for control panel and click on it
  • Scroll down to “Windows Update” section there
  • Click on it and update it if any new driver is available
  • It will automatically update if any new driver is available.
  1. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic To Check for System Memory –
  • First, go to the start menu
  • Search for the windows memory diagnostic
  • Click on it
  • Choose “Restart now and check for problems” there
  • You’re done

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  1. Enable OpenGL Mode –
  • Go to the start menu
  • Search for “World of Warcraft” game
  • Select the properties
  • In the shortcut properties and click on shortcut
  • Add the follow command next to the existing path OPENGL
  1. Delete Cache & Interface Files –
  • Exit the gameplay completely
  • Double click on the computer desktop icon
  • Now, open the game installed folder
  • Delete the folder named Interface, Cache and WTF
  • After completing, close it
  • That’s it

If you are still facing any problem, try excluding the Game file from the DEP, repairing FSD info or using system repair tools to get rid of this problem. In this way, you can quickly resolve this error issue permanently.

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