How To Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker For Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft is simple software for video editing. No other software can be as easy and as simple as this one. Perhaps this software is second to none in efficiently combining the clips into a digital movie along with background music, title, transition animations and other effects. Unlike earlier versions of the movie maker, which was too much straightforward for which it came to no use for many people, unlike the new version which comes with a host of new and exciting features packed into a single software. The new version flaunts features like anti shake and the voice recording to give your digital video an extra edge.

System Requirements

Download Microsoft Windows
System Requirements

New Features

● It allows you to select to organize videos and pictures.

● Microsoft Movie Maker allows you to add texts and transition animations and effects seamlessly.

● From this, you can directly post the videos in the popular sites including You-Tube, Facebook and much more.

How To Get This Free Software For Your PC

  1. In your PC, open a link to download the setup file.
  2. After the file above is downloaded to your PC, click open the setup file named- windows-movie-maker.exe and click “yes” to allow the setup wizard run the setup package.
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Software For Your PC
  • After the setup process is completed, click “Next” option for continuing the Movie Maker installation process, and when prompt, you can select the “I accept Agreement” to continue. It is recommended to read the Agreement before you proceed any further.
Software For Your PC
Free Software
  • Now select destination folder in your PC, where the Application will be installed. In the next step, it’s recommended not to mess up with any settings and keep them as default by just clicking “Next” to install the software.
install the software
  • In the next step, you will find the Launch Movie Maker option checked as default. It will ensure that the software runs once you finish the setup process. However, you can uncheck the”Launch Windows Movie Maker” option to skip the direct software launch and run it anytime later.
Windows Movie Maker
Software Setup
  • Now you are all set up to make, enhance and publish phenomenal videos on the go, using this software!

 The User Interface Or The UI

This software uses a conventional version of any standard video editing timeline with the clips that are represented through thumbnails to view your video clips. The track informs you about the audio used in the clip in detailed technical forms. There are also options to trim and split any video clip using an insertion point present there with edit buttons. The UI (user interface) is very simple, so it must not take much time to get used with.

Start By Importing And Organizing

Microsoft has kept thing simple when it comes to the user interface as well usability of the app. Inserting videos into the app is in a few click distance. Just by clicking the click here in the timeline you can start creating the masterpiece. The “add videos and photos” button takes you to the library of your PC from where you can select and start editing or creating a video clip. Not only are these but there also a host of other features like “import from device” option in the file menu. Combining all these features this software comes as a very handy and easy tool for your video creating and editing needs, adding keywords and save images organized in folders.

Fancy Effects

It will make you fall in love with its great collection of fancy and beautiful transition animations and effects, all of which are of the high quality and professional rather than stutter and childish. Along with some common transition animations like fade and dissolve there are also effects like the reveal, shatter, curl, sweep and other. Under a visual effects tab, there are enhancements which let you play with different color temperatures for a more intense look. However, with all these great features there also come some glitches. You will not be able to control the strength and other parameters of the animations as there are no options for the same.

Movie Maker For Windows 10
Fancy Effects

The software allows adding music formats in various formats like MP3, M4A, MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG or AIF. You can also select music from Vimeo, AudioMicro, and free music archive. Few themes allow adding background music too while applying them. There are also various other enhancements and fine controls you can find in the app.