How To Fix D Error Code Issue

If any Connection you are using that seems to be not private & an error comes named as ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID in your Windows PC code & you are thinking to fix this error from your computer permanently, then you must explore this post once & you can see how we are fixing this error by our deceitful methods. We ensure, you will get a full solution from this post & you will be from this error.

This problem of error mainly caused due to missing of the intermediate certificate. The intermediate certificate is very required on your PC & you must be sure that you have this intermediate certificate installed on your PC. Having this error will cause problems to visit the website in your browser. This error is mainly a sort of warning message of a certificate known as SSL Certificate. ERR CERT AUTHORITY INVALID error mainly comes in your browser known as Google Chrome in Windows PC. This error is just a warning message of SSL Certificate.


NET:: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY Chrome Windows PC Error Code Issue:

  • Issue of error in Browser of Google Chrome
  • Issue of error in Android
  • Problem of Windows PC
  • Your Connection might seem to be not private

So, these are the best guidance & best solutions to fix this error in the Windows PC from your browser.

How To Fix & Solve Your Connection

  1. You Can Fix It By Installing The Required Certificate
  • Start menu
  • Or Internet Explorer
  • Click the ‘Internet Options.’
Fix It By Installing The Required Certificate
Internet Explorer
  • Click the ‘Content’ tab in there
  • ’Certificate’
  • Click “Intermediate Certificate Authorities.”
  • Click the ‘Import’ & then install the license file which is required.
  • Or you can get it directly from ‘Wi-Fi Provider Company.’
  • Then click Apply button
  • & Then choose Ok button to save
  • Close the tab after completing
  • After all this Restart PC.
  • That’s all

After the required certificates are installed, your PC will overcome the error permanently.

  1. In The Internet Browser, There Is A ‘Proceed To Site (Unsafe)’ Option, Select This Option.
  • Warning tab (where you can see the error message)
  • Click ‘Advanced’ option on there
  • & choose the option “Proceed to Site (Unsafe)”
  • That’s all
  1. Now You Must Inspect Prevent Warning
  • Open your browser named as Google Chrome
  • Now you just write in search tab “chrome://flags.”
SSL errors for a specified length of time
  • After that find the section “Remember decisions to proceed through SSL errors for a specified length of time.”
  • & you can choose any options from your given menu
  • Shut down the tab after choosing there
  • Your browser must be refreshed now
  • Close the tab & after that restart the PC once
  • That’s all
  1. You Must Clear All The Cookies & Also There Is Cache From Your Internet Browser
  • Browser
  • Click Settings tab/you can click the option History
  • ”Clear Browsing” option
  • Then you must tick the options named ‘Cookies’ & the other one is ‘Caches.’
  • There are many more options in there which you can delete by ticking the options.
  • Then click their menu
  • Choose the option ‘from the beginning’ there
  • Now you can click the button “Clear Browsing” there
  • Now wait for it to delete the things you choose fully
  • Shut down the tab
  • That’s all

By deleting all this browsing data & cache from your browser, you can completely save your PC from this error code named as ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.

  1. You Must Check Your Date & Also The Time In Your Settings
  • Start menu
  • The Click Control Panel
  • Scroll down ”Clock, Language, Region”
  • Then click the settings of ‘Date & Time.’
  • Then click the “Change Date & Time Settings.”
  • Now you can set the ‘Date & Time’ from your settings
  • After all, this done, click OK button to save
  • Shut down the tab after finishing
  • That’s all
  1. Now Your Internet Browser Must Be Updated & You Must Do It
  • Browser
  • Click settings tab
nternet Browser Must Be Updated & You Must Do It
  • Settings option
  • Then click the ‘Help’ option
  • Then you have to update by choosing the option “Check for Updates.”
  • Update it if any available
  • After updating shut down your browser
  • Then Reboot your PC
  • That’s all
  1. You Must Update Or You Must Disable Or Scan Your PC With Your Antivirus
  • Start Menu
  • Antivirus or ’Microsoft Security Essentials’
  • Then, Click the option ‘Scan Now’ there
  • It will take some time to scan, wait for it
  • After scanning shut down the tab
  • That’s all

Your error code named as NET:: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID will be fixed after you scan your PC or by updating as well as disabling by your antivirus which is installed on your PC.

These are the best tricks & tips to solve & fix the NET:: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID in PC code. These are the solutions by which you can solve the problems from the Windows PC. Hopefully, it can resolve your problem from your PC.

After doing all these steps, if you still facing this kind of errors (NET:: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID) in your computer, then kindly write down your problem in the below added comment box, so that we can try to reply your comment by giving the solution of how to fix the problem. Hopefully, these solutions & tricks will help you