How To Fix Error 0x80070643 – Windows PC Problem

Error 0x80070643 can occur due to different reasons, but you need not worry about it as it can be easily solved. It is a run time error and is a result of Windows Firewall settings. If you are trying to update your Windows 10 pc, then you might face such kind of error. Your system might crash, and your pc might encounter viruses and crash. Installing Microsoft Security Essentials might also trigger this error if the file related to the installation was corrupt.

Tips And Tricks

 Disable the anti-virus software on your pc 

If you were installing anti- virus software on your pc, then you might come across such an error. The only way to solve it is by disabling the software.

  1. Remove Temporary Unwanted Files From Your Pc 

You need to go to the start menu and go to Disk Cleanup. A dialog box will appear where you need to tick the boxes which you need to clear. Then select ‘yes’ and click on ‘Okay’ to delete the file. After giving it some time, restart your pc.

  1. Turn Off The Fast Startup On Your Windows Pc

 You need to start your pc and click on the start menu. Then select control panel and choose the power option. Now you have to click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ option. The next step is to click ‘Changes settings that are currently unavailable’ option. Click and turn off the ‘Turn off the fast startup’ option. You need to close the tab after your work is done.

  1. Fix By Cleaning Boot On Your Windows PC 

You need to select start menu and open the search box. Type in ‘MSConfig’ and press enter to search for it. Now you need to click on User Account Control permission. Select the continue option to go ahead with the process. There will be a General Tab present where you need to choose ‘Selective Startup.’ Then you need to click on ‘Clear the load startup’ items check box. Hide all the Microsoft Services using the checkbox and choose ‘Disable option.’ You need to restart your PC after the whole process.

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Fix Problem of Automatic Computer Restarts

  1. Update Windows Drivers 

You first need to go to the start menu and search for Control Panel. Open it and scroll down to go to Windows Update section. Check whether there is a Windows Driver Update which is available. If there is any update, you need to update it fast. There is also an option for ‘automatic update.’ If you want to use this, click on the ‘Change settings’ option, select the drop down option and choose ‘install updates automatically.’ You need to select ok button to confirm the process.

There is another way by which you can update your Windows Driver. You need to go to start menu and go to the control panel. Directly you need to go to Device Manager. Check whether there is an error sign in any of the drivers. If any error sign is there, you need to choose ‘update driver software.’ Give it some time to update it and then close the tab.

  1. Run A Full Scan Of Your PC For Virus 

You need to go to the start menu and go to Microsoft Security Essentials. If you click on it, you can see a pop up. Click on ‘full’ option and click on ‘scan’ option and after you have scanned your pc, close the tab.

  1. Allow Google Chrome Through Your Firewall 

Click on start menu and go to Control Panel. Choose the ‘ internet and network ‘ option. Now you need to select the ‘Configure’ option and then enable the firewall. Choose ‘Advanced tab’ and select ‘program permissions’ list on the left. Add the allowed program and use Windows Explorer to locate your application. Now all you need to do is choose an okay option and close the tab.

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