How to Take Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy S4

Use your own glossy Galaxy S4 to be happy when you take snapshots. Samsung has launched this new handset model to perfect your skill to have glossy screenshots. Save and share the single colorful screenshot with your friend.  
Have quick tips to know how to take faster screenshots through Samsung Galaxy S4 model.


Quick Steps to Take Screenshots

  • Open the screen
  • Press home button and power button located on right side of the handset
  • Hold these two keys for few seconds
  • White flash will be visible in the shape of borderline with a light clicking sound
  • Save the screenshot in a folder

Alternative Method to Take Screenshot

  • Do swiping from top of the screen to the bottom
  • To save the image in the notification tray
  • Picture is not meant for saving, sharing and deletion if needed

Shortcut Ways to Have Fast Screenshot

Galaxy S4 model is fast to have a brilliant screenshot. It is an innovated model with quick picture resetting option.  If you don’t want to go for complicated procedures to take pictures, follow another short cut way.
  • Swipe your palm from right to left  on the screen of the smart phone
  • The picture will be automatically  caught and saved
  • Emulate the pattern Settings > My Device > Motions (Drag your palm through these options to ensure the picture/screenshot capturing.
Do Picture Editing
After successful click, you can add, share, and delete picture shot by mini cam of your Galaxy S4. Do proper picture editing. Don’t do hard pressing to damage the screen of your device. There are a number of icons to reset the picture which has been captured by your Galaxy S4 handset.

Innovative Picture Resetting on Galaxy S4

If you need, you can bring fast photo/screenshot formatting changes to enhance the natural aesthete.  Zoom, pinch, and maximize the size of the image on the editing portal. Add colors to the image. Slideshows are attractive. So, transform the stable image to the dynamic slideshow to entice others.
Take Quick Print
Captured image can be printable.  So take million prints by using data cable. You are also allowed to export the stored screenshot to the SD card as well.

Cross Check Preview
Preview of the captured screenshot is viewable on the  slight screen. Check it before taking a print.  At present, Galaxy S4 customers share single screenshot quickly with other devices.  The small cam is very fast to click even in darkness.
In this connection, be pro-active to watch few short ranged video clips before taking a fast snapshot of any image through your Samsung Galaxy S4 model.

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