HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Issue Fix & Tips

Error Code 403 is a very common HTTP error which forbids the users from accessing the web URL. This can be solved in simple steps with this guide. This happens when there is a lack of proper access to the file or folder, or that file has a bad permit to open the desired file or folder. This error thus appears when the page you are trying to access can’t reach or has been forbidden by your ISP or rather been blocked.

HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Issue

Reasons For Such An Error Are As Follows:-

  • The apache web server can’t or doesn’t have the permission to access the website.
  • Either the file that you are trying to access has been removed, or your IP has been banned from accessing that particular site.
  • Accidental mishaps like misconfiguration of the web host server can cause such an error
  • Lack of correct file permission on the website folder.

Now let’s come to the troubleshooting part. These steps will ensure the fix you want, so follow them ardently.

1) First Of All, Remove The Windows Update

So to do that, please follow these steps

  • Get to the start menu
  • Then on the search program and files tab, search “run”
Remove The Windows Update
  • once it opens up, type in ” /uc:\windows\system\wuv3is.dll regsvr32″ and search
  • After that, click on the start button and scroll down for “search” option
  • Select files and folder, where search for “wuv3is.dll” in the name field tab
  • Look for these files and once you have found them, delete them.
  • Go back to desktop once again, and press on the “start” button
  • Go to “run” and type in “explorer.”
  • Run it and open it
  • Then select “Program files” and open it.
  • Look for “Window update” option and click on it
  • After that, click on “Wuhistv3.log” file, which can be found on the navigation panel to the extreme right
  • Select and click on the “edit” option
  • Look for “Invert” option and click on it
  • Delete it and press “yes” button

And that pretty much covers this part

Now close the windows and try accessing the windows update page to check if the error code is gone.

2) Time To Clear The Browser Cookies And Cookies

To do this, do follow these steps written down below

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the setting or “option” button
Time To Clear The Browser Cookies And Cookies
  • Look for the history tab and click on it
  • There should be a “clear browsing data” button and click on it
  • Then after that start clearing the cache, data and cookies respectively

This whole cleanup should fix your issue of the error message.

3) Always Check If You Entered The Correct URL

Sometimes, people type in the wrong URL, and that might show an error message. So before typing a URL, see if you have entered the correct link. Otherwise, the HTTP error 403 forbidden message will keep on reprising.(which kind of is infuriating to even begin with)

4) Remove Any Third Party Software That Might Be Hiding In Your System

Before fixing this issue, close your browsers and explorer after getting this particular error message

  • Go to the start menu
  • Search for control panel
Software That Might Be Hiding In Your System
control panel
  • select and click on it
  • Look for the add or remove program tab, which you can find in the control panel
  • There will be a list of all the installed programs in your system
  • Look for your third-party application and click on it.
  • You’ll get the “install/uninstall” option and uninstall it accordingly.
  • Once you have removed it, keep at it and remove all the third party application

That will remove all the third party applications which are breeding grounds for ad wares which are self-replicating viruses which are hazardous to your system.

These are some of the top solutions which can help you eradicate/solve this HTTP Error Code 403 Forbidden Problem in your system. Either of these troubleshooting tips should help you get the desired result.