Stop Code Critical_Process_Died: Windows Blue Screen PC Error Has Quick Fixes To Solve

Having an issue with sudden blue screen error on your pc written Stop Code CRITICAL_PROCESS_ERROR? Random and repetitively searching the internet for help? Here’s an article will benefit you and be helpful to fix your problem error Windows CRITICAL PROCESS DIED code fast.

Possible Causes

  • Due to the failure of start by one of the first processes which should run the Operating System (OS) this message of error code comes up. The Blue screen can initiate system freezes on pc, crashes and also virus infections.
  • This error can also be happened by specific malicious software/driver that is installed on your pc.
  • Windows system pc is more likely to have this error code problem, which is a type of bug check error.
  • Incorrect configuration of system setting or irregular windows register entries can also initiate this error.

So if your pc gets encountered with this Critical_Process_Died issue freezing and crashing repetitively your pc showing a blue screen, don’t worry, here are some short fixes for you.

Things You Can Do   

  1. Installing and Updating all important available drivers-
  • Just go to the start menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Windows Update option

  • If new pending updates are available, just Update it

It’s done there!

  1. Undoing recent system changes from System Restore-
  • Start menu first
  • Write System Restore there
  • After opening it choose a restore point following the steps


If software and drivers installation are making the trouble, then restore and undo the new updates. This will fix the windows error code problem.

  1. Running sfc/scan now command in Command Prompt-
  • Search and go to command prompt from start menu
  • Open it and type “SFC/scan now” there in the command section
  • Press enter to start the process


Critical_Process_Died Windows 8 code problem will be fixed by running this command.

  1. Running a Disk Cleanup to eliminate unused items-
  • Open command prompt

  • Type “cleanmgr” and press enter key
  • A window will pop-up
  • Check right the boxes that are unwanted
  • Press OK for starting the process
  • Wait for some time to the cleaning process be completed. It can occupy some minutes to clean and run the whole process

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  1. Updating windows pc drivers-
  • Search ‘Computer’/’My Computer.’
  • Click on ‘Computer’
  • Click ‘properties.’
  • Click on ‘Device Manager’ there
  • Check for error signs in drivers
  • If error found, update it to fix. For update-

Right click on driver

Click on “Update Driver Software”

It’s done!

  1. Fixing with Windows Safe Mode option-
  • Firstly shut your pc down
  • First, remove and then plug it again
  • Click power button to start

  • After that, click on-

“Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with Networking” or “Safe Mode with CMD” option


These methods of fixing the problem of windows blue screen error are quite effective. It will help you get rid of CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Stop code Error. But if you find other difficulties during this fixes of the stop code error, there might be other system or hardware problems on your pc. In that case, you should have tech support from experts. But if your pc has no other issues and you are getting this blue screen error only, we hope it’ll be fixed with this easy and quick fixes.

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