Thread Stuck In Device Driver Windows PC Error Problem

Now a day’s life has become interesting because of this modern world. People love watching videos, playing PC games & more on our computer. An error like Thread Stuck in Device Driver also comes in between these devices when we are doing something inside our PC in our Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. This error mainly shows like a blue screen in your LED or LCD & it mainly happens due to hardware problems. It causes due to some damage to your video card. When in your PC this error comes, it lets the PC restart automatically. It takes some time, but after that, your PC will be like normal itself. It sometimes goes into safe mode, instead of going into normal mode. In this case, you must enter into that safe mode & fix that error, so that you can re-enter to the normal mode.

Causes Of Thread Stuck In Device Driver Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 OS PC Error Issue:

•    Error in Windows PC

•    Error in Laptop

•    Issue of Error in Windows 10

So, to get rid of this error, you must follow these tricky solutions that are given below & it will work in any type of Windows OS & even if you are using an older version of your Windows, it will work on them too. So, just follow the instructions given below.

How to Fix & Solve Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC Error Code Issue

Method 1: Update Your Video Card Drivers For Getting Rid Of Error Thread Stuck In Device Driver Error –

If you are using any older version or any outdated version drivers of your video card, then this error will occur definitely. To solve this error, you must update your video card driver. The latest version will not occur any error. If you are having a video card driver problem, then it will be shown in your Device Mange. You will see in the Device Manager a yellow warning sign will be there at the beginning which is entitled to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

If you are unable to update the driver, then you can get the latest version of the manufacturer’s site of your PC. There you can search & download the driver.

You can also update all your drivers from software named as Driver Easy. You can scan for the drivers & every single driver which is outdated will be shown after scanning. You can update it from there to get rid of this error named as Thread Stuck in Device Driver. You can use Driver Easy’s Professional version too by double clicking the software with your mouse.

There is software also by which you can update all the outdated drivers named as Driver Talent. This is the safest utility tool among all the software. You can search the outdated drivers in seconds & after that, it will automatically download the drivers. This software also repairs the corrupted drivers.

There are mainly three steps to update the corrupted or outdated driver on your PC with this software known as Driver Talent of your Windows.

Firstly, launch this Driver Talent & there is a scan option you will see click on it. It will scan all the drivers & it will show every outdated or any corrupted drivers.

After that, you must click on the repair to fix the drivers of graphics card & all the Thread that are stuck in your Device Driver of your Windows. There is an update option also; from there you can update the drivers. After all, these updates & all the repairing are done; you must restart your PC once. It will make all the changes that you will do.

Apart from all these, you can download & update any drivers from this software named as Driver Talent.

Method 2: Keep Your Computer & The Video Card Adequately Cool –

Overheating is also the problem of this error on your device. The graphics card gets badly heated when you are running large software & this will automatically restart your computer. You must clean your PC so that your PC’s fan can work faster. There is an exhaust port in your system; from there you must obsolete paper documents.

Method 3: Repair The Corrupted System Files –

There can be an error in Windows 10 of your Asus Device Driver of Thread Stuck, & this error can come only due to corrupted files in your system. There is an inbuilt utility checker of your file; with this checker you can renovate corrupted files that are present in your system. You must follow these steps:

1. Right click on Start& choose Command Prompt (Admin)

Repair The Corrupted System
Command Prompt

2. Command prompt >> type SFC /Scannow& press Enter

3. Then this SFC will search & scan corrupt files; then it will repair Thread_Stuck_in_Driver.

Method 4: Replace The Video Card 

This Thread Stuck in Device Driver also occurs due to damage to the video card in your Windows system. If any of the solutions that we had written above doesn’t work, then you get sure that the video card is broken. You must replace the video card to get rid of this issue.

These are the best tricks & tips to solve & fix the Thread Stuck in Device Driver on your PC. These are the solutions by which you can solve the problems from your Windows PC. Hopefully, it can resolve your problem from your PC.