Top 5 movie streaming sites on internet

If you are an avid movie buff, then you must have tried to stream your favourite movies from some website or the other. More often than not, the result proves to be frustrating. That is why we took the initiative and have listed the top 5 movie streaming sites today. With these sites you can forget about distorted pictures and cracking audio that most movie streaming sites offer. These sites would offer you almost all of your favourite movies in excellent quality.

So, let’s get started!

If you are looking for a site that works just like NetFlix, then this is the one you should go for. Although the site has a very nominal charge, they offer you are free trial period of 5 days. The homepage looks really great and you can easily find your favourite movies in categories such as Cinema Movies, New Movies and A-Z movies. To watch all your favourite movies in HD quality all you need is a decent internet connection.

Yes, the name is a bit confusing, but you can watch all your favourite movies here without downloading. The home page is pretty awesome and you’ll get almost all your favourite movies here. Although you may find the ads a bit bothersome, the site is really resourceful if you consider the wide choices it offers. You’ll get the newest of movies uploaded here with all important details as well as trailers. You can also find movies as per genres here. So, despite the number of ads, we’ll say it is one of the best movie streaming sites available on internet.

This one has an extensive collection of movies, TV shows etc. Although you’ll have to search for the particular movie that you want to watch and cannot browse through the popular movies, the vast data base kind of makes up for it. Apart from all the awesome movies and TV shows, the site offers their unique series too which are as interesting as any blockbuster.

This is another fabulous free movie streaming site that you can avail to watch all your favourite movies online. Apart from popular movies the site offers all popular TV series and a vast range of documentaries too. The home page is quite chic and you can find all your favourite movies quite easily here. You can find movies based on the genre as well as the year of release.

Popcornflix has a truly amazing data base. You can get almost any movie you want to watch here. The site offers movies and TV series for free. You can easily browse through the genres and find your favourite movie to watch. The site offers one click movie streaming which is really amazing.

These are the top 5 movie streaming sites on internet. So, go ahead grab a bowl of pop-corn and start watching your favourite movie now.